Art at the office – the reasons for displaying, renting, or purchasing works for a commercial environment are numerous. Art reflects the identity of a company culture; it stimulates the creative and ‘out of the box’ thinking in personnel and strengthens the company’s image. The collection of art fits within the policy planning of corporate social responsibility – by collecting works of art a company supports the arts, and companies demonstrate their affinity with the cultural sector.

Canvas Art Services are happy to share their thoughts with you when you are developing a policy for purchasing or renting works of art. Which work suits your organization? We can draw up a policy plan for new work on the basis of your current collection, your company’s location and activities and organizational culture. We can advise you about renting, leasing or purchasing work. We of course do not only take our own collection into consideration, we can also assist you in collecting through other channels (such as galleries, trade fairs and auctions).

We will be delighted to draw up a custom-made proposal for our service relating to purchasing policy, and collection advice and management.